Personalized Medical Advocacy
Four common questions

1) Who is the best doctor?
"The best doctor" must be defined by you. In a group of well-qualified physicians, the "best" choice for one person may be wrong for another. That is one reason why The Health Advisory exists. We help you set priorities about what is important to you as an individual to help you choose which physician is best for you. Is it the most aggressive treatment, the most caring physician, the latest innovation, the most novel alternative therapy, or a particular combination of these?

2) What is the best treatment?
"The best treatment" depends upon your own desired outcome. For example, do you want to improve your symptoms, or eradicate the underlying disease, or gain access to clinical studies, or feel a greater sense of control over your health issues? The treatment choice for each of these may be very different, and helping you select the "best treatment" for you is a key aspect of what we do.

3) What do I do first?
A good first step is to gather all your health records in one place and put them in chronological order. If you don’t have a copy of all your tests and reports, it’s a good idea to request those from your doctors and the facilities where your tests were done. This will provide a clear overview of your health issues, so a new doctor or consultant can easily become familiar with your history.

4) What do I tell the doctor?
We’ll help you develop a clear and simple way to quickly summarize your health issues and help a physician recognize you as an individual. You’ll help the doctor understand your expectations from treatment to make sure that you both have the same goals in mind. Then you’ll ask all the questions that you came in with, until you are satisfied that it is a good match.